While we highly doubt you will want to return a product, here is our policy...

Basically, if something goes wrong with your order, that is due to an issue on our end, we will absolutely do whatever we can to fix the issue.

Please understand. We are not Amazon. We are simply a small company. We therefore are unable to accept returns for reasons that are not our fault. This includes buyers remorse, picking the wrong size, or coming to the unsettling realization that your Aunt Edna is actually a closet republican and doesn't dig your gift. Etc. etc. Read our return policy here.

Please, please, please.....when placing an order, read the descriptions carefully. Choose your clothing sizes with some thought. We have provided sizing charts for you to look at. Measure existing clothing that you have. Measure yourself. Pick which size matches yourself. Simple. You can also email us a question before placing your order. We will do our best to help ya out.

Make sense? Good.