We have several different shipping options to choose from.   Please note, since our products are made to order,  it can take 3-6 days for the item to ship from the manufacturer (Although usually on the shorter end of that range).  Once the item is shipped, delivery time varies and is primarily determined by which shipping method you choose.  So what we are saying is .....Please plan accordingly if the item is needed in a particular time frame.  

If you are in a Rush to get the item,  please note that If you choose the FedEx expedited shipping service, the item will also be produced and sent out sooner.   So, produced faster and shipped faster.  Holy shit right?   Oh, and Tracking information will be sent once the item ships so that you can keep checking on the progress of things.   What more can you want.  

We are hoping in the future to be delivering by Stork, or maybe Drone.  We have teams working on these options day and night, literally, so we should be able to add some additional delivery methods in the near future.  Most recently our tests involved Kelly Anne Conway.  We can't go into any further details except to say that it didn't work out too well.  No matter,  we promise, our next, new and innovative shipping offers will be HUGE.   Keep you posted.  

Please consider adding your info to our mailing list so we can keep you informed of our latest endeavors.